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Joshua Abayomi Salami is an artist whose passion for creativity in painting has no limit and he is a Nigerian based contemporary artist. He holds a diploma in fine art and has participated in art workshops and art exhibitions.


His work is deeply inspired and shaped by his experiences and people around him, together with people's lifestyle in the world at large. His work also depict experiences that inform his view of the world and humanity self discovery with life and it environment.
He seeks to convey the mood of human life and expression with images that portray human experience through blackness. His pictorial and illustrative language developed within his work deals with human identity as it portrays themes woven around love, beauty, memories, lifestyle and thoughts from everyday experiences.


His practice as an artist has made him innovatively able to convey and express the mood and situational experience in an artistic way and hoping that his works will establish trust with the viewer, allowing sincere conversation to commence and inspiring them to self discovery while experiencing a new perspective in his works. His vibrant colours and naturalistic
paintings are executed using the richness and texture his materials provide to give his work a strong physical presence that enhance the uniqueness of his style and create a more appealing look, combined with the aesthetic value and beauty of the paint on canvas in contemporary art.

Selected Group Exhibition

2018 Art is everywhere " waste to art recycling workshop"

2019 Group exhibition " the convergence" curated by favour ritaro

2019 - 2021 life in city art festival " the other side"

2022 Group exhibition " handshake" curated by ogirikan art gallery


National Diploma in art & design and printing technology.

The polytechnic Ibadan | September 2017


Oil on canvas.

24 by 36 inches




Oil on canvas.

24 by 36 inches


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