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I am interested in creating space and distance that feels familiar to the world around us. I am very hardworking and meticulous in my attention to detail using the impasto method. The pictures i paint are mostly things i see everyday, people trying to have fun and projecting the energy, potential and loveliness of the youth. I represent the eyes of my figures with silver and gold in the form of liquid holes with tears that flow from them, these minerals are faultless when compared to the eye during to its purification. My pieces have a laid back simplicity by my up bringing in Ghana and time spent in Accra. The love of nature and geology inspires the use of colors in my art works. The use of wasted materials such as sawdust, fabric offcuts and gift wrappers to create unique pieces.



Cassius Agoe Kpobi is a creative Ghanian artist, born and raised in Accra, where he studied art. He is known as jervis who specializes in still life drawing, landscape painting, contemporary figurative expressionism and a mural artist. With his progressive career experience in various forms of structure and design.

He sold his first artwork at the age of 15 years old and has not turned back since then. Most of his artworks represent scenes of urban life. His goal is to acquire as many technical skills as he can while exploring art as a social and public endeavor. 

Self -motivated and hardworking professional accustomed to performing well under pressure and completing all projects within schedule.


2 visual art/ Presbyterian senior high and Jervis art studios


African fashion photography and art exhibition

Related works


Medium - Acrylic and sawdust on canvas 

Size - 56.5 x 38 inch

Year - 2023

Price - $1500


Medium - Acrylic and sawdust on canvas

Size - 50 x 38

Year - 2023

Price - $1500

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