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Group virtual exhibition that dialogues how contemporary art reflects on the internal emotional burden humans go through and offers some comfort to understanding a melody we sing of hope. 


Tapping into the multiverse of a familiar subject that connects to an emotional journey through shifting realities and while exploring the idea of judgement stigma, fear of time and the struggle for safe space in a fast-moving society. 

29th Mar - 19th Apr 2024



This group virtual exhibition examines the painful impact of losing a loved one and finding coping mechanisms for healing through arts while asking the question. What’s On The Other Side? Where do people really go spiritually? Is there an unknown meeting point outside of the Earth? 

This exhibition serves as a reflection on each individual artist's experience of using art as a form of healing to self-discovery to uplift and inspire through the use of colours to layers and express the emotional language of a journey through life. 

15th AUG - 30th SEPT 2023

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Group Exhibition.
"The show will go on"

The Show Will Go On is A group exhibition celebrating human resilience to overcoming adversity across time and space in our day, reflecting on the changes that happened over time using elements that represent life and art as a form of healing. Leaving the viewers with a question of what art offers to life in both good and challenging situations.


The group exhibition will consist of 15 artists whose works address the issues of resilience with figurative, abstractions, conceptual art and still life. 

15th April - 15th May 2023

Harmer Gallery is pleased to present an online solo show of Sophia Oshodin. The London-based painter whose striking figures centre around the spirit of everyday life using imaginary subjects. Her paintings are notable for their bold colours and patterns that engage the views to their own interpretations.


Entitled Battle Ground, the solo exhibition will consist of 10 figurative paintings reflecting on changes and human envolvement with the issues of colour in relation to social and political issues. 

1st March - 31st March 2023

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Respond to and addresses the narrative of contemporary Africa through painting or portraiture that positively tells black stories from the past to the present directly from the artist's perspective with an open question to the viewers. Can we break away from our stories? 

DEC 28TH - JAN 2023

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