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Through my art, I want to show how strong each person can be, even when facing tough
times. I believe that being creative can bring about positive changes and inspire others to do good things. I get my inspiration from old artists and my own experiences with art, and my paintings are meant to touch people's hearts and make them feel deeply. My main aim is to empower those who may feel weak and to encourage everyone to believe in themselves and make a difference in the world. When I paint or draw, I pour my emotions and thoughts into it, making people think and question things.

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Aine Jovial Hirwa, a 21-year-old visual artist from Rwanda. He has always had a strong passion for drawing, especially creating detailed maps of Rwanda and Africa. What started as a relaxing hobby has now become a meaningful and life-changing journey for him.
Hirwa's curiosity and passion for art kept growing stronger. When he learned about the Ecole d'art de Nyundo, a school for artists, he felt thrilled and excited. Without hesitation, he joined the school to develop and improve his artistic skills even more. He discovered a community of like-minded artists who shared his passion. The school was a haven for art, and everywhere he looked, he found inspiration. The whole experience was amazing and filled him with wonder and admiration.
Hirwa draws inspiration from both modern and traditional art. As a child, he was captivated by a painting by Rembrandt on the cover of a book he received as a gift. This encounter sparked his interest in the historical stories behind artworks, which now plays a significant role in shaping his own creative process.
Hirwa's art is not just about being creative, it has a deeper purpose. He wants his artworks to be symbols of strength, empowering those who feel vulnerable or unnoticed. Through hispaintings, he aims to inspire people, motivating them to take control of their own lives and recognize their true abilities. Each brushstroke in his art carries a message of encouragement and self-discovery.
Hirwa's artworks create a connection between the present and the past, blending reality with imagination. When people see his art, they are encouraged to explore the emotions and experiences that unite us all. His paintings invite viewers to think deeply and reflect on the human spirit, celebrating our common journey and encouraging meaningful contemplation.
During his artistic journey, Aine Jovial Hirwa gained recognition for his inspiring and thought-provoking artworks. His unique vision and storytelling abilities were showcased in various local exhibitions. Additionally, he actively participates in community projects, using his art to raise awareness and bring about positive changes in society.


2022 - 2023 - ADMA (African digital media academy)

2018-2021 - Ecole d’Art de Nyundo


2020 - 2023: partnership with Envision Rwanda Gallery as an artist
2022 - Group
exhibition which was called” AFRICANISME”
2021 - School exhibition which was entitled “Catacomb”

2020 - Featured in a group exhibition which had the title called” A Snippet of Local Journey During Covid 19”

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Title - Black widow

Medium - Acrylic on canvas 

Size - 120cm x 140cm

Year - 2022

Price - $2000

image1 (1).jpeg

Title - Bob

Medium - Acrylic on canvas

Size - 140cm x 120cm

Year - 2023

Price - $1800

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