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Mennato Tedesco is a very elegant and refined artist who expresses his pictorial inspiration through a style that can be traced back to the "modernist figurative neo-expressionism". Rather attentive to social dynamics, his characters amplify a marked irreverence towards the behaviors induced by consumerism and contemporaneity. The artist often intervenes on the canvas by adding various materials such as plastic, adhesive tape, fabrics etc. which always generate unusual and remarkable effects.

P_20190824_191428_SRES (2).jpg


Mennato Tedesco was born in Torrecuso -BN- live close Novara- italy. AFTER graduate of the Liceo Artistico "Frattini A." in Varese, he attended for two years the faculty of Architecture c / o Politecnico Milano and at the "Accademia di Belle Arti A. Galli" Como. During his study practical c / o M De Maria. His works, as well as being part of public and private entities have been included in prominent art catalogs. Fascinated describes the universe of women, mostly portrays women whose anatomical often become the subject of study or subject of his artwork. His inclination was as a point of academic fees (some canvases are prepared by methods Renaissance), but it outlines and develops, using ideas and suggestions raised by his subjects, from the bodies through the 'use of cards,wall paper,clotes, laces; materials that are almost always striking additions to create unusual effects. His refer gallery in Italy is the Malagnini Art Center, Milano-Saronno,and Emmediarte Gallery, Milano.


Self Taught


2021  "Mostra Dante-L'immaginazione delle immagini"

2019/2020  Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Atene (Grece). - Art Battle

2016   The Art Mall gallery, Milano, Via Torino 64 - Milano Design Week, Nhow Hotel

2014   Naples, LineaDarte Officina Creativa -Venti per Venti

2013   Naples, LineaDarte Officina Creativa -" About Sospensioni"

2012   Solo show at Black Peak, Viale Pasubio Milano

Related works

Tropical Chilling, oil and tempera,mixed media with paper on canvas. cm. 80x80x3 ,

Title- Tropical chillings

Medium- oil, mixed media wit paper on canvas

Size- 80cm x 80cm x 3cm


Smart Working. Oil on canvas, mixed media with wallpaper. Cm. 60x80x2- 2021.jpg

Title- Smart working

Medium- oil, mixed media on canvas

Size-  60cm x 80cm x 2cm


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