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Akindele John is a metaphoric figurative artist known for his pursuit of painting which has began and continues apace today.  He portrays motion, metaphor and distinctiveness in his work of art. 

   His work focuses on the womanhood of African and African diasporic women capturing them seemingly in contemplation draped lavishly in vibrant amethyst, emerald, fuchsia, and other jewel tone colors.

Akindele’s painting are distinctive in their use of loose, playful lines and softness of brushes effect. His works explores different aspects of African diaspora and pays homage to his African-Nigeria identity. His paintings are black lit by vibrant hues, like luminous yellow, orange, reds and blues.

SOLO Exhibition

United States, Milwaukee, Wisconsin themed 'And she was loved’ in partnership with Genre urban Arts, and woodland pattern board member.



Waterkolours Fine Art Gallery in the United States, Memphis, Tennessee.

5 Points Art Gallery + Studios U.S, also exhibited his beautiful art pieces in the space of SvnO1 Gallery, United States.

The Sweet Savour

Acrylic, oil, ink and vine charcoal on canvas.

122cm by 150cm

Love 'n' Light II

Oil, charcoal, ink, and acrylic on canvas.

122cm by 163cm

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