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A collection of work inspired by the natural world and vibrant human energy, Hava’s work resonates with the shared ephemeral aspects of the human condition and individual reckonings with emotions. Using unique combinations of colours, design and epoxy resin,  Hava invites the viewer to a transformative experience, using nature inspired themes and the raw emotional experiences of vibrancy and void. Hava using circular shapes in her work, known as Tondos, 


Inspired by my her own journey of change, Hava's  art reflects her own journey of transformation both through nature and the arts.



Hava was raised in an insular community in London, Hava's formal education ended at 16, where she was expected to marry soon after and raise a family. Hava was determined to embark on her own path of further education and discovery. Hava set out to study psychology, where she married and was expected to raise a family. When the marriage broke down, she was left to raise her child alone. Hava was determined to embark on her own path of further education and discovery

Along her journey, Hava encountered the depth, spirituality and wellbeing inherent in art. She draws on her background in psychology and personal development to create art that is uplifting and invites the viewer to find the transformative energy that lies within themselves. Drawing on her background in psychology and personal development.

Hava works with the flow of emotions and the natural world to express and process raw human experiences from the void to vibrancy.

Hava has since exhibiting her artwork in London exhibitions and fairs. Hava brings show stopping artwork to both public and private spaces. One of her recent public projects involved creating a resin art Ark for the Jewish life centre of Elstree and Borehamwood.


2022 - Masters Degree in counselling and psychotherapy - Bath Spa University.


Poetry on the Void' was unveiled at the Ein Sof Gallery, Nov-Dec 2023. 

Parallax art - July 2023

Kinloss Art Fair - July 2023

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Title- Cosmic Energy

Medium- Epoxy resin on metal

Size- 57cm Diameter

Year- 2021

What it takes to love_edited.png

Title- Layers of love

Medium- Epoxy resin on wood

Size-  70cm Diameter

Year-  2023

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