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I am usually challenged by empty canvases. And, I respond to this challenge by spontaneously experimenting with diverse materials to produce distorted figurative expressions. Lines, symbols and shapes are critical elements in my style as they give me the liberty to express myself with less restriction, upon the body of my figurative expressions are symbolic characters that shares the narratives of each work.
My art speaks of hope, confidence and courage through diverse situations. I relate my personal experiences with that of others and use my art as a voice to communicate these stories and experiences that cannot be spoken of verbally.



Fredrick Idele Osarodion in Edo state, He is a painter and art instructor who lives and works in Benin, Nigeria. He is a mixed media artist who sees his immediate environment as a large canvas that offers limitless opportunity to explore. This is evident in his exploration of diverse materials like pastel, charcoal, pencils, markers and acrylic as well as his conceptual approach to figurative renditions. 

My family supported my passion for art and encouraged my formal studies from the age of 9. The death of my father during a terrorist attack was pivotal in my art, leaving me vulnerable and filling me with determination to succeed. Losing my youth to the responsibilities I felt the death of my dad had burdened me with, caring for my mom and siblings, which along with my grief influenced and transformed my art.

My art allowed me to process some of my internalized feelings, and to express my solidarity with my country men, while documenting what I see and feel of the world at large. My art is greatly influenced by the powerful works of Basquiat and the rawness in his expression, and the playful but expressive works of Keith Haring. The tattooed faces of my characters are the narrative of my thoughts and feelings, which I find difficult to verbalize.
I have over 6 years of experience sketching designs, visualizing, documenting memories and telling stories through stick figure illustration and African symbolism. I am exploring the relationship between thoughts and expression by contrasting landscape, the heavens, symbolism and form.


2013-2017 - University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria - B.Ed Fine and Applied Art (Equivalent to BA in Art Education and Fine Art).


2022 - Non Fungible Token collections: Some combining tangible piece. ongoing
2022 - Distinct Vernaculars, ArtPedia Gallery, Lagos.
2021 - Paradigms of Perceptions, Mitochondria Gallery, Houston, Texas.
2021 - Athens Open Art, Art Number 23 Gallery, Athens, Greece.
2021 - Persistence of Time, ArtPedia Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria 
2021 - UTOPIA, The Holy Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom 
2021 - Being Together, Art Hub 360, Lagos, Nigeria.
2020 - Reflect, Repair, Recover, Kuta Art Foundation, Abeokuta.

Related works

Title - The Sojourner

Medium - Acrylic, pastel and Charcoal on canvas 

Size - 24 x 36

Year - 2022

Price - $3000

IMG_20221227_113711_538 (1).jpg

Title - A head full of fears (has no space for dreams)

Medium - Acrylic, pastel and Charcoal on canvas

Size - 36 x 47

Year - 2023

Price - $5000

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