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HARMER GALLERY  is an independent art gallery based in London. Founded in 2021 by a group of Artists for the Artist.


The gallery amplifies the voices of those emerging and establishes Artists who have been marginalised for too long. Our hope is to expand the reach of underrepresented Artists from all backgrounds to receive economic equity in the art market.



The gallery is an online base and has a diverse roster of carefully selected Artists. We give Artists a flexible opportunity to grow and to participate in various exhibition programs.


The gallery organised various exhibitions, art fairs, and virtual exhibitions to engage Artists to a wider audience of art collectors and art lovers from around the globe through continuous interactive events. 



A collection of mixed paintings, Prints, Photoghrahy, Sculptures, are available to purchase via the website. 


Selected artist's are able to create commissioned work. 


A selection of artworks sourced for rent for a periods of time.


Our experienced staff will guide you on purchasing artwork for your home/office, corporate place, investment purpose.



We outsource the best framers to provide you different options/quality of frames for your artwork with quotes based on affordaility and preference.

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