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I want this conversation to continue in your thoughts. I see shoes as witnesses of
human experiences just like their shadows, they assume the forms of the bearers and express their presence; each experiences transforms as individuals grow in their life’s journey.



Kolawole Olalekan (b. Ondo State, Nigeria) is an artist working with painting and drawing. He received a B.A. in Fine and Applied Art from the University of Benin (2013), with a major in painting.
His art uses metaphoric illustrations to capture the nuance happening of everyday life. His works can also be viewed as a social commentary with intimate humor. His processes spontaneously bring together an improbable combination of the conceptual, surreal, pop, and the possibilities of the mundane in a magical realism of his own devising.


BA (Honors) visual arts (painting) university of Benin, Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria.


2022 ART FOR EDUCATION (an art exhibition fundraiser to provide learning materials for 5000 kids
in public schools in Nigeria.) at HOUR GLASS Lagos, Nigeria
2021 OBINRIN (an art exhibition advocating for increased women in leadership) Lagos, Nigeria
2019 Miniature art fair ii Ogirikan/ Iwalewa art gallery Lagos, Nigeria
2018 Miniature art fair i Ogirikan / Iwalewa art gallery Lagos, Nigeria
2018 The art plug Ogirikan / Iwalewa art Lagos, Nigeria
2012 Hueformism v, university of Benin, Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria
2011 Hueformism iv, university of Benin, Benin city, Edo state, Nigeria

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Lying on the shore


Acrylic and charcoal pencil on canvas

Year 2022

Untitled(ostrich plant your head)

24x24 inches

Acrylic on canvas 

Year 2023

Untitled(ostrich plant your head)

35x43 inches

Acrylic on canvas 

Year 2022

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