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Art is another way of thinking and using the brain. It contribute to developing creativity not just the crayon and paper types of art. My works is a constant search for the best way to interpret the idea that I have about myself and the world l live in. I do not limit myself to one medium, style or concept. 

If a viewer stop for just a movement to view and reflect on a piece l have created than l have succeeded in my work   



Oluseye Rukayat Busola is a Nigerian famale artist based in lagos. She hails from Abeokuta, raised in lagos Alakuko area. she explores her creativity from daily activities happening in her environment and social life generally. 

She works with different medium and render it excellently such as oil colour, water colour, acrylic, magazine and ankara fabric. Rukayat depicts her artwork in different style like realism, abstract mixed media. Impressionism and impasto.


Art and Industrial Design at lagos state polytechnic ikorodu lagos where she gets her HND in painting. 


2023 - Solo exhibition "awakening"

2023 - Timeless echoes exhibition .

2023 - Pacha rothi exhibition.

Related works


Title - What tomorrow could tell

Medium - Acrylic on canvas 

Size - 18 x 18

Year - 2023

Price - $600


Title - Classic Lady

Medium - Acrylic on canvas

Size - 30 x 22

Year - 2023

Price - $600

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