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As an artist, I am dedicated to creating stylized figurative paintings that capture the essence of everyday life experiences, drawing inspiration from my personal background, family history and the world around me. My paintings are unique in their use of a textured canvas and a vibrant color palette, with emphasis on the face, which is painted in patches of colors, and the body which is painted in a bold orange hue. 



Ndubuzo Moses is a talented Nigerian artist born on May 18, 1996 in Jos Plateau State. He obtained a BA degree in Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Nigeria Nsukka in 2019. Moses is now a full-time studio artist based in Abuja, Nigeria, specializing in painting. He uses acrylic and oil on canvas or paper as his medium of choice and creates works inspired by daily life experiences. Moses's paintings are characterized by figures woven into the composition, a technique he has honed over the years. He has taken part in several exhibitions. Moses continues to explore new artistic avenues and push the boundaries of his craft. He is known for his dynamic and engaging works that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.


Fine and Applied Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka 2014-2019


Modhafest 2022 Virtual Exhibition (2022)
Life In My City Art Festival (LIMCAF) International Conference Centre, IMT Enugu, Nigeria (2021)
‘In Times like This’ group exhibition, Orange Gallery, Calabar, Nigeria (2020)
Modhafest 2020 Virtual Exhibition (2020)
‘Sheroes’ National Art Competition, UNESCO Abuja (2020)
Life in My City Art Festival (LIMCAF), AllianceFrancaise, Enugu, Nigeria (2019)
Life in My City Art Festival (LIMCAF) International Conference Centre, IMT Enugu, Nigeria (2018)

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Medium- Acrylics on canvas 

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Title- Future talk

Medium- Acrylic on canvas 

Size-  31 × 24 inches

Year- 2023

Title- Amidst chaos

Medium- Acrylic on canvas 

Size- 36 × 48 inches

Year- 2023

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