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My journey as an artist began with simple scribbles on paper and walls, which gradually evolved into a profound love for the world of art. Despite the skepticism and concerns of those around me, I embraced my passion wholeheartedly, allowing it to guide me towards a path of artistic exploration and self- discovery. Art became my therapy, a means through which I could express my deepest emotions, thoughts, and perspectives.

I aim to capture the essence of black strength, culture, and beauty. Through bold and vibrant imagery, I strive to challenge conventional notions of beauty and showcase the richness and diversity within the black community. Each piece is a reflection of my deep admiration for the resilience and spirit of black individuals, as well as an invitation for viewers to reflect on their own identities and the collective experiences that shape us.

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Agbabiaka Johnmark Toluwase grew up in the southwestern part of Nigeria, in a small town of Osogbo In an environment where everyone is after their own business and tends to create their own world of peace and happiness around them. I derive pleasure in viewing and creating beautiful and aesthetic sights and scribbling it down on a paper or on the wall. To me and several others around, i thought it was more or less a hobby diversion rather than a career path, because the most predominant artistic career at the time is majorly centered on music, drama and dance.

Art has always been my therapy, Many people around, including my parent could not see a successful career with art even though this was discovered through their concerns. I allowed my love and passion for art to overshadowed all voices against it. Curiosity has propelled my mind to yell for invaluable creativity in a quest for soulful fulfillment. My aesthetic mind, has been elevated into making stylistic and conceptual Art beyound the tides of conventional pratice and approach.
I went for tutelage at Universal Studios of Art and also participated in Different Artshows, exhibitions and workshops. 
My New body of works focus on black identity and appreciation and the series titled Our Identity depict
black strength, culture and black beauty.


2016 - National Diploma Fine Arts (OND) The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Nigeria


2022. Aurora The Second Coming ( Brilliant Brush Gallery)
2022. Inspiration and Awakening (Brilliant Brush Gallery)
2021. Aura of Africa ( Brilliant Brush Gallery)
2021. The Scent of Africa Art Exhibition (Brilliant Brush Gallery)
2021. The Second Coming Service of Dr Martin Luther King Art Auction (Nosa creatives London)
2020. Exploring covid-19 through the lens of art.
2019. Anchorage Art Exhibition (Brilliant Brush Gallery).
2019. Spice TV Art Exhibition.
2018. Lagos Book and Poetry Art Exhibition.
2018. Felabration Art Exhibition.
2018 Culture and Peace Art Exhibition.
2018 Tribe Art Festival.
2016 The Polytechnic Ibadan Final Year Art Exhibition.

Related works

Agbabiaka Johnmark First Submission.jpg

Title - Our hope

Medium - Acrylic and oil on canvas 

Size - 33 x 36

Year - 2023

Price - $900

Agbabiaka Art Submission two.jpg

Title - Our peace II

Medium - Acrylic, oil on canvas

Size - 40 x 52

Year - 2023

Price - $1800

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