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Chaya De Silva is a Contemporary artist based in Surrey England. Born and raised in Sri Lanka. I was heavily influenced by the batik arts Since I was a child.
As a contemporary artist, my artwork is characterised by its use of mixed media such as Acrylic and oil paint and bold style. My approach to creating art involves combining various materials and techniques.

My work is not bound by traditional artistic conventions or styles, and I often push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in contemporary art.
My artwork is known for its strong visual impact and ability to capture the viewer's attention. I often use bold colours, contrast, and texture to create a sense of movement and energy in my pieces. Overall, my art stands out for its fearless experimentation and willingness to challenge the status quo. My mixed media and bold approach to creating art make for a highly compelling and memorable body of work.


2021 - University of Sunderland Uk (Business Management)


Related works

Title- Memory lane

Medium- oil, mixed media on canvas 

Size- 90cm x 75cm


Title- Nothing to see

Medium- Acrylic on canvas 

Size- 90cm x 75cm


Title- Innermost

Medium- Acrylic and mixed media on canvas 

Size- 90cm x 75cm


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