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Our mission is to make art more accessible to more people.


Present by Harmer Gallery, a modern and contemporary online art gallery dedicated to artists and collectors by the artist for the artist.


What makes our fair different is that art collectors and art enthusiasts can make affordable offers on artworks that interests them. This makes art more accessible to many and offers a creative place where artist fits in with artistic freedom.

Art should never be available to a few. But to all those who have an offer to make. Offer art fair is dedicated to artists, collectors, art lovers and enthusiasts by supporting artists and attracting global attention.


Artist are welcome all over UK and international. An introduction email about your enquiry should be sent to us.


Caterials for the fair are; Exhibitors to provide an original artwork available with pricing between £100 and £15,000. Limited edition prints price between £30 to £600. You can process your own sale payments or We take 10 percent commission on all art sale if you choose to use our central payment system.


  • You pay for your wall space for the duration of the fair.

  • Space wall ranges £250 to £500



  • Artist listing on the Our website, Display image with links to your website.

  • Social media and newsletter promotion.​

  • Local media adverts and flyers flyers.

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  • ​Board with name and stand number.​

  • Free wrapping service for sold items.​

  • Proof of purchase slips

  • Complimentary drinks during private view.

  • Dj/music

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