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When you look at my works, you realise that I don't preconceive the end result, each letter, each word, each symbol come from within. Not deliberate and not random but something in between...
My art is an organised explosion of random energies, that gives people the opportunity of traveling to my subconscious. Every letter is a product of a feeling or impulsion, not an idea. I believe that give to the viewer one of the rarest and purest form of creativity, the one even the artist himself has no control over.



Makano is a Congolese-origin artist born in the year 2000. He currently resides in Uganda. Makano's love for art
was apparent from an early age of four, demonstrating a deep connection with this form of expression.
In 2018, marked a pivotal turning point in Makano's life andartistic career.
The tragic loss of his parents to the ravages of civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo profoundly impacted him. This profound grief and the emotional turmoil that ensued became acatalyst for his art. His creations became a therapeutic outlet, apoignant echo of his internal struggles.
He began to perceive the world around him as a society in dialogue, a ceaseless discourse of myriad voices. Interpreting his role within this conversation, Makano felt a profound sense of duty to respond, to participate in this communal exchange. His art became his voice, an eloquent response to the narrative of society.

Channeling his personal experiences and emotions into a powerful visual language. His art born from a personal tribulations,
resonates universally, becoming a testament to resilience and the enduring power of creative expression. Words, whether written or read, translate into vivid images in Makano's mind, thereby intertwining the visual and the literary in his work.
Makano's artistry is not just an aesthetic pursuit, but a powerful form of social commentary. His creations are more than mere illustrations, they are bold statements, addressing potent societal issues. They speak truth to power, challenge pervasive stereotypes, and provide a platform for those whose voices have long been suppressed or censored. In his work, Makano
amplifies the whispers of the marginalised and brings to light the stories that often languish in the shadows.

His work is a unique blend of painting and writing an unusual, yet captivating fusion of visuals and prose. Exploring themes of identity and corruption, his artistic language weaves a narrative that traverses the territories of life and death, raising poignant questions about our existence.


Self taught


2023 - Torrents group exhibition in Dar es salaam, Tanzania
2023 - Figuratively speaking, virtual group exhibition
2022 - Ebirungi group exhibition, Kampala, Uganda.
2022 - Mirrors a virtual solo show on
2021 - Positive Memories, Kampala Uganda

2021 - Award winning best artist base in Uganda below the age 20 years.

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Title - Where do i belong 

Medium - Acrylic and oil pastels on canvas 

Size - 100cm x 150cm

Year - 2022

Price - £700


Title - I be girl

Medium - Acrylic and oil pastels on canvas 

Size - 100cm x 150cm

Year - 2022

Price - $700

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